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Gustav Mohr: Panzergrenadier Leader<br>
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Gustav Mohr: Panzergrenadier Leader

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Gustav Mohr is a section leader in Panzergrenadier Regiment 8 during the Italian campaign of 1944. Contrary to popular belief, not every German soldier wore grey wool uniforms. In the temperate climates like Italy, many wore Herringbone Twill (HBT) fatigues like their US counterparts. Others even had access to supplies of Italian camouflage and had various articles of clothing made out of it. In the case with Gustav, he's wearing his HBT tunic and Italian Camo pants and sidecap.

Set highlights:

- Italian Camouflage Field Cap
- M43 HBT Uniform Field Blouse
- M43 Trousers, Keilhosen
- Italian Camouflage Overtrousers
- German Ankle Boots
- MP-40 Ammunition Pouch
- M31 Breadbag
- Heer EM Tropical Web Belt w/Loops
- Heer EM Tropical Y-harness
- Straight-Handle Shovel w/Carrier
- M1935 Map Case
- Binoculars w/Cap
- Water Bottle
- M31 Mess Kit
- M24 Stick Grenade
- MP-40 Submachine Gun
- Panzerfaust 30k
- S84/98 Bayonet w/Scabbard
- Shoulder Tabs (Wehrmacht Infantry Schutze)
- NEO Body

Released in 2008.

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