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    Download PDF's of
    Cotswold's Supply Depot

    JUNE 2005

    What's The Supply Depot??
    It's a twenty-four page, full color catalog that is like a "hobby pantry" . All in one place, at one time, it lays out the items we nearly always have in stock. Of course we sometimes are back-ordered on certain items or discontinue something . . . but most of what you see in it you can get most of the time.

    It's a great companion to using our web site for orders. Once you spot what you want you can just enter the item numbers in the Search and go right to the item. Often there is a larger photo and more details about it here than in the print catalog.

    We update The Supply Depot every year or two . . . so keep it for continuing reference. And if it gets too dog-eared . . . no problem. You can print a fresh copy right here from our page . . . or just add one for free to any order by using CATSD in the search and adding it to your cart.

    Click on the text for the desired PDF. Each one is a separate download. If you do not have Adobe Reader, please use the free available download from Adobe's web site.

    Note: If you use a dial-up connection it could take 2-3 minutes per file.

    Supply Depot Catalog Cover

    Pg. 13 Replacement GI Joe Body Parts

    How to Use This Catalog / Armor Series

    14-15 Replacement Parts for Vintage Joe

    Dressed Figures

    16-17 Repair & Diorama Parts / US Field Gear

    Complete Uniform Sets

    18-19 Uniform Parts & Equipment

    US Weapons / US Uniform Parts

    20-21 German Uniform Parts / German Field Gear

    10-11 US Uniform Parts

    22-23 German Parts / Order Form


    Other Figures

    24 Supplies