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Tuesday, Jul 26 2016
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    Item: Kaustic Plastic
    Celadus the Thraex
    Pompeii, Italy circa 79 A.D.
    Designed entirely in Italy, with the professional consultation of local archeologists, this is the first time that 1:6 scale gladiators are presented in 100% historically accurate form. Their armor and weapons are based on original artifacts discovered in the ancient city of Pompeii, Italy.

    The Thraex or Thracian, was a type of Roman gladiator, armed in the Thracian style with small rectangular shield called a parmula and a very short sword with a slightly curved blade called a sica, intended to maim an opponent's unarmoured back. His other armour included armoured greaves, a protector for his sword arm and shoulder, a protective belt above a loin cloth, and a helmet with a side plume, visor and high crest.

    Set Highlights:

    - Newly developed muscular body
    - "Lifelike" head sculpt
    - Thraex Gladiator Helmet based on original Pompeii model (Die-cast Metal)
    - Armoured leg greaves "Ocrae" based on original Pompeii model. (Die-cast Metal)
    - Thraex curved Sword "Sica" (Die-cast Metal blade)
    - Fabric Cushion gaiter and shoulder armor pad
    - Leatherlike Arm guard "manica" and belt
    - Thraex Shield "Parmula" (plastic)
    - Adjustable Waist-Held Stand

    Click HERE for more pics.
    GIKP-0001   $109.99   (Out of Stock) 

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