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1:6 Scale German Anti-Tank Rifle Model Kit
1:6 Scale German Anti-Tank Rifle Model Kit
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1:6 Scale German Anti-Tank Rifle Model Kit

Brand: Dragon Models
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Dragon's latest Model Kit features two complete antitank rifles that were used especially in the early days of WWII. One is the PzB 39, which was supposed to give infantrymen a lightweight weapon with which to tackle enemy tanks. It continued in use until 1944, but by then it was hopelessly outclassed when trying to penetrate thick enemy armor. One variant of the PzB 39 antitank rifle was the Granatbuchse 39, this being a rifle grenade launcher created from 1942 onwards. The GrB 39 could fire the same type of anti-personnel, light antitank and large-diameter antitank grenades used with the standard Kar 98k rifle.

As a special bonus, this set also comes with a third weapon - a 2.7cm Sturmpistole, also referred to as a Walther Leuchtpistole. It was designed to fire small specially designed high-explosive grenades. It was fitted with a padded stock to reduce the shock on the firer's arm. This light weapon was widely used, particularly on the Eastern Front, for anti-personnel duties.

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