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Action Man-Style Tanker Jacket (Camo)
Action Man-Style Tanker Jacket (Camo)
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Action Man-Style Tanker Jacket (Camo)

Brand: LoucoPorBonecos
Part Number:GILB-U1030
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As many of you know, Hasbro licensed the G.I. Joe name to many countries during the 1960s and 70s England, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina the list goes on and on. In Brazil, G.I. Joe was made under the name FALCON by Estrela, and ran from 1977 to 1984. It initially borrowed from the Adventure Team (Fantastic Freefall, 8 Ropes of Danger), but like its cousin in the UK, developed its own identity (Torak, Condor).

Previously, we had approached Estrela to see if they had any plans to re-release any FALCON figures (the 40th Anniversary is next year), but they showed no interest. Fortunately, there is a die-hard FALCON collector base in Brazil, with one such collector taking the initiative and starting his own custom 1/6 scale clothing business LoucoPorBonecos. Having inspected them firsthand, we can attest to their attention to detail.

The camo jacket has a double breasted front with snap closure and "fur" collar.

NOTE: figure, pants, and boots not included (display only).

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