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Adventure Team Headquarters (Complete)
Adventure Team Headquarters (Complete)
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Adventure Team Headquarters (Complete)

Brand: Hasbro
Part Number:GIV-ADV7490
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This set needed some repairs and your resident repair guru David got it back up and running.  One of the orange plastic running boards for the bottom of the door was missing, so we added one from another set with rivets (just how they were done in the 1970s).  One of the floor sections had a vinyl tear, so we used a heat gun to smooth it out.  The tear is still there, but it is way less noticeable. Finally we repaired the slot where the storage hangar beam locks in on the right side of the HQ.

Set includes:

AT Headquarters Base Unit
Floodlight (not tested)
Control Console Seat with Pole
Storage Hanger Beam
Storage Hooks x 7
Clothing Hangars - x 6
Rack Units x 3
Fuel Hose with Nozzle
Fuel Hose Plastic Wall Hanging Hook
Headset with plastic cord and plug
Map Table with Base
Maps x 4
Mini Comic

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