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Roman Alae Quingeneria (Heavy Cavalry)
Roman Alae Quingeneria (Heavy Cavalry)
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Roman Alae Quingeneria (Heavy Cavalry)

Brand: Kaustic Plastik
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The quingeneria wing (Alae Quingeneria) was a unit of auxiliary cavalry of the Roman army. It was created to try to solve the weakness in cavalry that the Legions had, forming regular units of riders. The Alae were recruited from among the non-citizens of the Empire - Peregrini - particularly among the less Romanized peoples of the Empire, such as Thracians, Astures, Mauros, or Panonios, and who had special skills in the art of riding. At first, the Alae Quingeneria were under the command of a commander without Roman citizenship of the town to which the unit belonged, but after the first century they were commanded by a praefectus alae from the ordo equester. The elite status of an alaris is shown by the fact that he received 20% greater pay than his counterpart in an auxiliary cohort, and than a legionary infantryman.


- Head sculpt
- KP04 generation body
- Hands x4
- Niederbieber type helmet
- Arlon Belgica type cuirass
- Bronzed ocrae (leg protection)
- Sword/gladio (diecast)
- Dagger/pugio (diecast)
- Light brown short pants (cloth)
- Sandals/caligae (leather)
- Yellow tunic (cloth)
- Red scarf/focale (cloth)
- Armored belt/Cingulum militare (leather)
- Leather wrist bands
- Long lance
- Oval shield
- Deluxe stand

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