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Armed Maid Outfit Set 2.0
Armed Maid Outfit Set 2.0
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Armed Maid Outfit Set 2.0

Brand: Magic Cube Toys
Part Number:GIMC-C003
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Don't worry about it, we'll just have the maid clean it up. Aaaauuggghhh, she's got a gun! More specifically, an assault rifle. And a pistol. To go along with her petticoat and stockings. Maids do valuable and important work and don't you forget it. You won't be able to if they're armed. Dress up your favorite action figure with this version 2.0 Armed Maid Outfit Set from Magic Cube.


- Assault rifle
- Rifle magazine x4
- Pistol
- Pistol magazine x4
- Pistol holster
- Walkie-talkie system
- Combat vest
- Baseball cap
- Silk stockings
- Dress
- Apron
- Petticoat
- Boots
- Tri-fold restraint plasticuffs x2
- Light sticks x2

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NOTE: Figure, head and dog not included (display only).

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