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Roman Auxilia Cohors (Auxiliary Unit)
Roman Auxilia Cohors (Auxiliary Unit)
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Roman Auxilia Cohors (Auxiliary Unit)

Brand: Kaustic Plastik
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PLEASE NOTE: This is a museum-quality miniature figure set. Please handle and assemble with ultimate caution, like you would any detailed model kit.

The Auxilia constituted the standing non-citizen corps of the Imperial Roman army alongside the citizen legions. By the second century, the Auxilia provided almost all of the Roman army's cavalry and represented three-fifths of Rome's regular land forces. Like their legionary counterparts, auxiliary recruits were mostly volunteers, not conscripts. The Auxilia were mainly recruited from the peregrine, free provincial subjects who did not hold Roman citizenship. Auxiliary regiments were often stationed in provinces other than that in which they were originally raised, for reasons of security and to foster the process of Romanization in the provinces.


- Head sculpt
- KP04 generation body
- Hands x4
- Coolus helm type C (Schaan)
- Chainmail (PVC)
- Sword/gladio (diecast)
- Dagger/pugio (diecast)
- Light brown cape (cloth)
- Brown long pants (cloth)
- Gaul-style sandals (leather)
- Gaul-style wrist torques
- Red tunic (cloth)
- Armored belt/Cingulum militare (leather)
- Long lance
- Oval shield
- Deluxe stand

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