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<B>COTSWOLD EXCLUSIVE</B><BR>Strike Force Alpha<BR>Johnnie Bullet (1:18 Scale)<BR>PRE-ORDER: ETA Q3 2022
NOTE: Artist's rendition. Final product may differ slightly from concept image.
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Strike Force Alpha
Johnnie Bullet (1:18 Scale)

Brand: Scorched Earth Toys
Part Number:GISEI-JB1
Availability: PRE-ORDER: ETA Q3 2022
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Product Description

A Cotswold Exclusive - All New Color Scheme!

In the early 1970’s, Dr. Diablo rounded up some of earth’s mightiest soldiers to study their DNA. He was trying to find a link between a human's genetic make up and their prowess on the battlefield. His experiments were often brutal, including grafting metallic parts onto test subjects bodies. The bloodiest procedures were carried out by the labs head of security “Baron Steele”

When his experiments no longer interested him, Dr. Diablo put the project and its victims in deep freeze. Many years later Strike Force Alpha found out about the research facility and vowed to free the lost heroes. A vicious battle with Night Wraiths ensued, where SFA was finally successful in disrupting the facilities power generator.

After a brief time thawing out, these warriors of justice are ready to get back on the battlefield. Watch out R.A.G.E., The Lost Squadron is ready for Action!


  • Pop "N" Swap design allowing you to swap out parts on other Strike Force Alpha figures allowing for easy customization without any tools
  • Joints use a ball and socket design which retains all the movement of the classic O-ring, without the possibility of breakage
  • Created by Scorched Earth Initiative
  • Johnnie Bullet figure with Exclusive Paint Scheme
  • Search Light
  • M16
  • 1:18 Scale
The "Pop n Swap" system allows customers to swap out parts on their figures for ease customization without any tools. Simply pop off one part and swap on another. Heads, lower legs, hands, and elbows can all be swapped out.

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