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British Specialist Firearms Command SCO19 Sniper<br><b>$25 Off!!</b>
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British Specialist Firearms Command SCO19 Sniper
$25 Off!!

Brand: Easy & Simple
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A Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officer (CTSFO) is an elite armed police officer in the United Kingdom specially-trained in the usage of firearms. The CTSFO standard is the highest Authorized Firearms Officer level in the National Police Firearms Training Curriculum (NPFTC) and was established by the Metropolitan Police Service in the lead up to the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London in July 2012. The Firearms units of police forces organize CTSFOs into teams to establish a Police Tactical Unit.


Realistic Head Sculpt 
ES-Buddy 2.0 Body 
LEAF Assault Shirt AR
LEAF Drac Combat Pants
LEAF Assault Balaclava
0612A Rigger’s Belt
Heavy Duty Belt
C2Rmor Plate Carrier
C2Rmor Groin Protector
Double Pistol Mag Pouch
Medical Pouch
Utility Pouch 
AW 7.62 Sniper Rifle
3-20x50 PM II Scope
Tactical Bipods
Sniper Rifle Magazines
Rifle Sling
G-17 Pistol 
Pistol Magazine 
CQC Tactical Holster
Holster Molle Platform 
Universal Carrier
Drop Leg Triple FlashBang Pouch
Taser X26P with Extra Cartridge
Taser X26/P Belt Holster
Tetra Terminal SRH3900 Radio
FAST Ballistic Helmet
Tactikka Plus Torch Head Light
Head Light Helmet Mount
XA Pro 3D Boots
M-Original Gloves
Laser Range Finder
LEAF Kneepad
MK13 Flash Grenade
Light Sticks
6P Mobile Phone
Influx Goggles
Plastic Handcuff
Quick Handcuff 
Quick Handcuff Carrier

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