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Captain Miller: WWII US 2nd Ranger Battalion<BR>PRE-ORDER: ETA Dec. 2020
Captain Miller: WWII US 2nd Ranger Battalion
PRE-ORDER: ETA Dec. 2020
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Captain Miller: WWII US 2nd Ranger Battalion
PRE-ORDER: ETA Dec. 2020

Brand: DID & 3R
Part Number:GIDID-A80145
Availability: PRE-ORDER: ETA Dec. 2020
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On 1 April 1943 the 2nd Ranger Battalion was formed at Camp Forrest, Tennessee, along with the 5th Ranger Battalion. Both battalions were officially activated in September 1943 and shipped to Great Britain where they were prepared for Operation Overlord as part of six Ranger battalions of the Second World War.

On 6 June 1944, Dog, Easy, and Fox Companies, commanded by Lt. Colonel James Rudder, landed at Pointe du Hoc from LCA landing craft and specially modified DUKW "Ducks" operated by the Royal Navy. The 225 Rangers had set off from Britain to launch an assault upon the cliffs overlooking the English Channel. In order to augment the strength of the 2nd Battalion, members of what was formerly the 29th Rangers were assigned as well.

Several landing craft containing Rangers and supplies capsized in the stormy waters and many Rangers drowned due to heavy equipment, but others were saved and hoisted into other DUKWs to participate in the attack. The Rangers had planned to land at the base of the cliffs at 0600 hours, however, because of a navigational error, they landed nearly an hour late. This cost the lives of more Rangers as well as the element of surprise. During the attack, the 190 remaining Rangers scaled the cliffs utilizing rope ladders, but only 90 Rangers were still able to bear arms after two days of relentless fighting. During the assault, 2nd Battalion managed to disable a battery of 155mm French artillery captured by the Germans, which was their primary objective. These guns were to be aimed at Utah Beach, however, the Rangers prevented their use, saving American lives on the shores of Normandy.

Meanwhile, Able, Baker and Charlie Companies landed along with the 5th Rangers, the 1st Infantry Division and the 29th Infantry Division at Omaha Beach. They suffered extremely heavy casualties but were able to complete their D-Day objectives. Able alone lost up to 96% casualties with just two men making it off the beaches..

Set Features:

Super realistic head sculpt
Open palms
Palms for holding gun
M1 Helmet with inner liner
Ranger assault vest
M41 Field jacket
M1937 Wool shirt
HBT pants
Cotton underclothes
Gas detection brassard
U.S. M1936 Pistol Belt
BC-611 Radio
Lensatic compass with pouch
M1 Thompson 30 round magazine ammo bag
M1911 ammo pouch
M1911 leather holster (genuine leather)
M1910 Canteen with cover
Canteen cup
M1942 First aid pouch
M1943 Entrenching tool with carrier
M7 assault gas mask bag
M1926 Inflatable floatation belt
Dog Tag X 2
DID buttonhook
Thompson submachine gun with magazine clip
M1911 pistol with magazine clips X 3
Grenade x 2
M3 trench knife and M8 scabbard
Ranger qualification badge
US Infantry Officer's Collar Insignia
US Army Silver Captain Rank Insignia

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