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Chinese Song Dynasty Crossbowman
Chinese Song Dynasty Crossbowman
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Chinese Song Dynasty Crossbowman

Brand: Kong Ling Ge
Part Number:GIKLG-KQ001
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Head Sculpt x 1
Metal scale armor (includes 820metal scales) x 1
Broad brimmed hat x 1
Artculated body x 1
Hands x 4 pairs
Short sleeve jacket
Scarf x 1
Inner shirt x 1
Long sleeve shirt x 1
Pants x 1
Shoes x 1 pair
Leg wraps x 1 pair
Travel Blanket X1
Bag x 1
Belt x 1
Leather belt x 1
Armband x 1 pair
Crossbow x 1
Metal made sword x 1
Sword Sheath x 1
Bolts x 10
Bolts holster x 1
Hooks for sword x 3
Calabash x 1

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