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1:1 Scale<BR>'It's a Cots-World' T-Shirt<BR>(Black - 3XL)
1:1 Scale
'It's a Cots-World' T-Shirt
(Black - 3XL)
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1:1 Scale
'It's a Cots-World' T-Shirt
(Black - 3XL)

Brand: Elite Brigade
Part Number:GISUP-TS30XXXL
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Being that we've been around for 30 years, we've heard our name mis-pronounced every different way you can imagine - Cotswald, Costworld, Catswold - you name it.  The most popular, however, has been Cotsworld, aka Cots-World.  Our good friend, fellow Joe-Head, and artist extraordinaire, Buddy Finethy, designed the artwork you see here, and presented it to us when we attended this year's TOYLANTA (will always be JOELANTA to us).  It was too good a design not to share with all our fans and customers out there, so we made t-shirts to commemorate the event.  Many begged us to do black t-shirts this go round, so for you Bill (you know who you are), this run is in BLACK! :-)

Thanks again, and onward to the next 30 years!

NOTE: These are adult (1:1 scale) shirts, 100 per cent cotton, made in Nicaragua and printed in the US.

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