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Dark Samurai
Dark Samurai
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Dark Samurai

Brand: Toys Dao
Part Number:GITD-02DS
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May the dark be with you. The Dark Samurai oozes throughout the night, nigh invisible, until he strikes, hard, then disappears into the gloom again. Make sure you keep an eye on him in your collection.


- Body with head
- Naginata (blade)
- Kabuto (helmet)
- Shikoro (nape guard)
- Men (mask)
- Tare (throat guard)
- Do (cuirass)
- Sode (shoulder armor) x4
- Oda gote (forearm guard) x2
- Kusazuri (thigh covers) x7
- Suneate (shin guard) x2
- Kimono
- Hakama (trousers)
- Tabi (socks) x2
- Waraji (straw sandals) x2
- Kote (armored sleeves) x2
- Uwa-obi (belt)

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