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Dixon: 77th Infantry Division Medic
Dixon: 77th Infantry Division Medic
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Dixon: 77th Infantry Division Medic

Brand: DID & 3R
Part Number:GIDID-A80126
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For those of you who have been clamoring for Army medics, DID has the perfect item for you. This is "Dixon", a member of the 77th Infantry Division serving as a Combat Medic. Have him take care of all your World War II Allied Forces figures.


- Two super realistic headsculpts (one with scars and weathering)
- Articulated body
- Open palms
- Relaxed palms
- Palms for holding accessories
- Green T-shirt
- Green uniform
- Green pants
- Y-strap
- Belt
- Suspenders
- M1 helmet
- Medical pouch x2 with Type I insert and Type II insert
- Cantle ring strap x2
- M2 first aid kit pouch
- M1936 musette bag
- Surgical instrument case
- First aid kit pouch
- M43 boots
- Canteen with cover x2
- Emergency medical tag x5 with booklet
- Solution of morphine tartrate x5 (four with covers) with packing box x3
- 0.5 oz. hard rubber black vials x6
- Crystalline sulfanilamide paper envelope x5 with packing box x3
- Curity adhesive tape
- Adhesive surgical plaster
- Safety pins x7 with cardboard
- Metal container
- Flask with cup
- Double-blunt scissors
- Hemostatic forceps x2
- Scalpel x2
- Spring tissue forceps
- Folding stretcher
- Compressed white bandage x5 with box x2
- Geneva Convention brassard

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NOTE: Figure set contains only one body.

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