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Double Agent Zero (CrossFire Series)
Double Agent Zero (CrossFire Series)
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Double Agent Zero (CrossFire Series)

Brand: Very Cool
Part Number:GIVC-CF04
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Product Description

CrossFire is a first-person shooter video game developed by Smilegate Company and run by Tencent. The game is based on wars between two major international mercenary organizations.

The double agents are special agents trained by intelligence agencies to lead perfectly normal lives, until they receive the "order." Once the order is received, their innate combat abilities kick in, and they become deadly killing machines. "I am nobody else, I am Zero."

These figures are also useful as civilian females for various dioramas and scenes.


- Emulational head sculpt
- Very Cool jointed female body
- Cream blouse (dropped waist style)
- Dark khaki shirt
- Black underwear
- Black knee-high socks
- Leather combat boots
- Long-sleeve arm protection x2
- Leather arm protection x2
- Dark red leather sundries bag
- Student-style backpack
- Dagger
- Leather dagger case
- Leather hanging at back of waist
- Bear ornaments
- Smiling face ornaments
- S belt
- Tie
- Hair band
- Knee protector
- Glock G17 pistol
- Clip for Glock G17
- Leg holster for Glock G17
- MP7A1 submachine gun
- MP7A1 clips x3
- Double clips package for MP7A1 submachine gun
- Pair of gloved natural hands
- Pair of gloved holding hands
- Pair of fists
- Gloved right hand for hook shot

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