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Elephant Foot Soldier (Persian Empire Series)
Elephant Foot Soldier (Persian Empire Series)
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Elephant Foot Soldier (Persian Empire Series)

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Persian War elephants were used in Iranian military history, most notably in Achaemenid, Seleucid and Sasanian periods. The elephants were Asian elephants, and were recruited from South Asian provinces of Persia, but also possibly Western Asiatic elephants from mainland Iran.

The elephants were hired as mercenary troops with their riders. They came from Indian territories under Persian rule. Some historians say that some were from Iran. They were called the Syrian elephant but this may be incorrect.

Persian war elephants were trained by their rider, called a mahout, who would also ride the elephant into battle. The mahouts were of Indian origin, and so were the archers. Training elephants was a difficult task and they would be hard to maintain because they ate so much food and water. On the march, huge paths needed to be cut for the elephants. Many were kept in the shah's menagerie the most famous of which was Khosrau II where he kept a "thousand white elephants."

Persian elephants were from Indian origin and were probably armed with Indian styled weapons. The men(excluding the driver) sat in a large tower from which troops would fight. The elephant itself would normally be armed with thin plate armour (the Sassanids used chain mail as well as thin plate armour) and would bear a large crenelated wooden howdah on its back. The troops would be armed with bow and arrows and javelin. The sworn enemy of the Sassanids, the Eastern Roman empire, were terrified by the huge beasts, making them very effective in battle. When they were used at the Battle of al-Qadisiyyah, they came to be known as "double edged weapons". King (shah) Yazdgerd III attempted to use war elephants to fight off Arab invaders, however his elephants got sand in their eyes and panicked. They turned around and ran amok, killing their own troops.


- Male Body with Head Sculpt

- Blue Tunic

- 'Chain Mail' Coat

- 'Chain Mail' Neck Cover

- Pants

- Belt

- Boots

- Helmet (metal)

- Chest armor (metal)

- Shoulder armor  (metal)

- Shield (metal)

- Wrist gauntlets (metal)

- Spear (metal)

- Dagger (metal)

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