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Exiled God (Asura Series)
Exiled God (Asura Series)
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Exiled God (Asura Series)

Brand: Very Cool
Part Number:GIVC-DZS004
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With spear, sword and crossbow, he stands before you as the Exiled God.

Carrying the lineage of gods, he determines the fate of mortals. As the guardian of heaven, he protected the paradise from the attack of seven devils. He has earned his name by fights and blood, and is worthy of the title God of War. Born to be extraordinary, a third eye on his forehead reveals his destiny. He stands before you, the Exiled God.


- Head
- Male body
- Hand assortment
- Dark blue cross-collar coat
- Dark blue trousers
- Petal-shaped dark blue girdle
- White front cloth attached by jade beads and golden bands
- White back cloth with borders
- Leather waist support
- Leather belts
- Silver beast buckle
- Silver helmet with horns
- Silver upper-body, shoulder, and skirt armor
- Silver vambraces
- Silver caligas
- Golden floating band
- Tri-pointed double-edged halbert
- Sword and scabbard
- Cotton cloud

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