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Customers Often Want to Know...

Where is my newsletter?

Our printed catalogs are mailed six times each year. There's no charge to receive a sample copy. And if you become a regular customer, your on-going subscription is automatically renewed with each order. If you would like to be sure to receive all of our newsletters, regardless of whether you have placed a recent order, you can subscribe for just $7.50 per year (US addresses). International subscription: $15.00. We always post the pages of our most recent catalog right here on our website.

To stay up-to-date with the latest announcements on new items and what’s just come in, we strongly recommend: 1) Sign up to get our weekly Email Newsletter and 2) Visit our Facebook page.

How much will shipping be?

Please refer to our shipping information. Once your order amount is over our minimum shipping amounts, the shipping charge is calculated by its actual packed weight and level of service (expedited, air, ground, etc.). Sometimes your actual shipping will be a little higher, or a little lower than was quoted in your shopping cart, depending on the weight and size of what you ordered.

Do you ship outside the US?

Yep. We're happy to ship to many places in the world, and can give you an estimate of the shipping cost once we confirm that all of the items in your order are available. Exact shipping charges are available after the order has been packed. Once packed, the order cannot be changed.

How long will it take to get my order?

That depends on the type of shipping you select, when you place the order and the way you are paying and whether your order included items marked “Pre-Order”. Usually we ship in-stock merchandise within 1-3 business days of receiving your payment. Then it can be another 5 to 10 business days in transit. If you have a special deadline, please be sure to tell us or write it in the comments on your order and we'll do our best to help you meet it.International shipments usually will take longer than these estimates.

What about Pre-Orders? How does that work?

Most manufacturers start to promote their new products months in advance of their release and we begin taking orders as soon as the announcements are out. Some items even sell out months before they are ready to ship, so placing a Pre-Order is a great way to “get in line” early and not be disappointed. Each Pre-Order item has an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) provided by the manufacturer. Those are rough guidelines, not firm promises, and often do change.

When you spot items you know you want to get, we're happy to take your advance orders and keep track of them for you. Higher priced items may require a non-refundable deposit, but other than those, you are not expected to pay until you are notified that the item is ready to ship. If it helps your budgeting, you are welcome to make advance payments on your Pre-Orders or you can give us a credit card to bill when it’s time to ship. Once you are notified that your Pre-Order is ready to go, we give you up to two weeks to complete the payment, but cannot guarantee items longer than that. We consider Pre-Orders a “firm” order, just like an order of in-stock merchandise, and count on you to pay promptly.

Note that orders that contain both In-Stock and Pre-Order items will be split with separate shipping charges applied. When possible we will combine items arriving near the same date.

What do “Wait List Only” or “Pre-Order-Wait List Closed” mean?

Once in awhile the quantity of orders is greater than the quantity we have been promised by our supplier. We start a Wait List once that happens and those on the Wait List get first shot if there are any cancelled or unpaid items. There is a “reasonable chance” of getting a Wait-Listed item, but no guarantee, so it’s good to see if you can find it elsewhere. And once we have several folks on a Wait List, we then stop taking any more “maybe” orders at all, and that’s what “Wait List Closed” means.

Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes, it's $5.00, not including the shipping charges. And remember, the more you send in one shipment, the less you pay per-item to ship!

How can I get a discount on your products?

We have regular specials that you can see by clicking on the 'SPECIALS' tab in the title bar. Some last several weeks, others just a few days. Also check out Sales and Markdowns in the 'Other Categories' menu.

We also offer quantity discounts on many of our Elite Brigade products, starting at just 3 of the same item code. Whenever we can, we also offer “Cotswold Saver” discounts off manufacturers’ suggested retail prices. If you are a licensed reseller, ask about our wholesale program for Elite Brigade products.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Sure. There are two PayPal choices.

-For in-stock merchandise, PayPal payment is required at the time the order is submitted. Select the first PayPal option.

-For Pre-Orders, we recommend you use the second PayPal option at checkout (to be billed on arrival).  If your prefer, you can use PayPal to pay for your Pre-Orders in advance. Selecting to pay in advance is your acknowledgement that there is no firm arrival date for the item and that you have agreed to wait for as long as it takes.

Do you have a lay-away program?

We accept installment payments for items that are on Pre-Order and sometimes we require a non-refundable deposit for particular Pre-Order items. Payment plans for in-stock items can occasionally be approved depending on the item and the time needed. Please discuss your request with the sales rep taking your order or add your request to the notes when you submit your online order.

Do you sell vintage GI Joe items?

Yes we do! We have a selection of dressed figures and loose pieces for ‘60’s and ‘70’s era GI Joes and Adventure Team, as well as quite a few replacement items that can give your “old GI Joe friends” new life! We also sell out-of-production Hasbro GI Joes that were made starting in the 1990’s. If you are looking for a particular vintage GI Joe item not viewed on our site, email us to check to see if we might be able to help you find it. You can see all the categories relating to GI Joes right here.

Can I be on a waiting list for vintage Joe or other out of production items?

Sorry, it’s not possible for us to take Back Orders or keep a waiting list for older out-of-production items since we never know when (or if) we will have them again, or what the price will be.

Do you buy GI Joe and other 1:6 Scale figures?

Absolutely! Our catalog reaches thousands of collectors, so we are eager to buy GI Joe and other 1:6 scale items. We have a great reputation for fairness, honesty, and fast payment.

We buy (and trade) vintage 1960's and 1970's Adventure Team in good (C7/8 or better) condition . . . packaged or loose, big or small collections as well as Timeless Collection, Classic Collection, and Hall of Fame figures if they are still sealed. We also buy earlier Dragon, Ultimate Soldier, DID, Sideshow, DiD, Hot Toys, Soldier Story, etc. sets that are complete and never removed from their original packages.

Here is the grading system we use for vintage Joe:

C10 Mint, unused
C9 Near mint; if used, it was with great care
C8 Very nice, some wear visible
C7 Presentable; has lost crispness, may have minor flaws
C6 Play wear, some stains or damage
C5 Heavy wear and spots, perhaps repaired
C4 Many faults, frayed, stains, etc.
C3 Quite damaged; useful if covered
C2 Has a few useful parts
C1 No redeeming value

If you have items to sell, please send us a list, including a rating of condition and completeness and your asking price. Pictures are helpful and the more info you provide the better. You can mail the list, fax it or email it to [email protected]. We'll go over your list and let you know what items we are able to purchase and an estimate of what we can offer. A final price will be determined when we have received and inspected the items. Please DO NOT send in items until you have received an okay.

What is Action Man?

Action Man is the “shelf name” used by Hasbro when they sold GI Joe in the UK in the ‘60s and ‘70’s. It was made in many of the same factories as GI Joe (especially in the ‘60’s) and then was expanded by a company named Palitoy, who worked with Hasbro to produce lots more varieties of figures throughout the ‘70’s and into the early ‘80’s. The figure body is the same as the GI Joe figure body. Just like the Hasbro 40th Anniversary line of figures, there is a corresponding Action Man 40th Anniversary series and now a 50th Anniversary series as well.

What is The Elite Brigade?

This is our own house brand. Since the mid-1990’s we have manufactured a variety of 1:6 parts, sets and figures as well as figure stands and figure storage boxes. A number of our items are especially made to be replacement parts for vintage GI Joe sets.

Are you connected to or licensed by Hasbro?

Our only connection to Hasbro is as a retailer of their GI Joe products. We share their enthusiasm for the GI Joe hobby. We currently hold no Hasbro licenses.

Do you have a store I can visit?

We don't have store front with fancy retail displays, but if you are in the Seattle area, you are welcome to make an appointment to visit us at our headquarters on Whidbey Island (about an hour north of downtown).

Where did the name Cotswold come from?

When we started our business in the '80's, we were importers of British antiques and collectibles. The "Cotswolds" are a well known tourist area in England, southwest of London, filled with quaint thatched cottages, and brimming with antique shops. We thought Americans would associate the name "Cotswold" with "antique hunting".

What if I have a suggestion for Cotswold to produce something?

We are happy to pass on your ideas to our development group for their consideration. Your opinions are very important to us so let us know if there are things you'd especially like to see us produce.

What if I am not satisfied with my order?

We hope you will be happy with your order, but if you are not, you may call us or simply return the item(s) with an explanation. A prompt refund of the merchandise price will be issued for any regular catalog item (not As-Is items) returned for any reason within 14 days, in the same condition as received (unopened and not assembled).

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