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French Marshall of the Empire of Napoleonic Wars
French Marshall of the Empire of Napoleonic Wars
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French Marshall of the Empire of Napoleonic Wars

Brand: Brown Art
Part Number:GIBA-A0004
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The Napoleonic Wars were a series of conflicts that pitted Napoleon Bonaparte and the French Empire against a variety of European opponents who managed to stretch the war out for twelve years from 1803 to 1815. Brown Art enters the Napoleonic Era with this 1:6 scale French Marshall of the Napoleonic Wars. 


  1. Head sculpt x1 PVC
  2. Body x1 ABS
  3. Marshal bicorn x1 Cloth
  4. Embroidered uniform x1
  5. Embroidered waistcoat x1
  6. Breeches x1
  7. Embroidered cloak x1
  8. Sash with buckle x1 Cloth & Metal
  9. Red ribbon x1
  10. Sabre x1 Metal
  11. Marshal baton x1 Metal
  12. Medal of Honor x4 Metal
  13. Telescope x1 Metal
  14. Linstock x1 Wood & Metal
  15. Black boots x1pair PVC

NOTE: Horse, cannon and other figures not included (display only).

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