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Gladiator Gladius with Sheath -Silver Handgrip
Gladiator Gladius with Sheath -Silver Handgrip
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Gladiator Gladius with Sheath -Silver Handgrip

Brand: Elite Brigade
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Different gladiators specialized in different weapons, and it was usual to pair off combatants with widely different, but more or less equivalent, equipment. As a rule Gladiators only fought others from within the same school or troupe but sometimes specific Gladiators could be requested to fight one from another troupe.

The gladius (latin for shortsword) was used by various gladiators, in particular, the Myrmillo, who used it alongside his scutum (shield).  Our version is all metal and comes with a metal sheath with leather straps to strap to the figure.  Whereas most gladiators had their gladius strapped to their hand (so as to not lose it in battle), we felt that we should include the sheath and straps for added playability.

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