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Heart King (WeFire Series Female Mercenary)
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Heart King (WeFire Series Female Mercenary)

Brand: Very Cool
Part Number:GIVC-TJ04
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Very Cool continues to release figures from the Chinese video game WeFire, following on from their figures of Light Speed Boy, Sniper/Little Sister, Blade Girl and now as the Fourth Bomb (or figure) the female mercenary fighter Heart King. Tencent's mobile video game WeFire is tremendously popular in China, and Very Cool is the sole authorized manufacturer of figures from the intellectual property. Have Heart King join your mercenary force.

She is highly proficient with an assault rifle, has cold but beautiful eyes like crystal grapes, shockingly blood-red hair and a sexy girl scout vibe to her, which will almost certainly mesmerize her enemies, until they find themselves at the end of a gun barrel.


- Beautiful head sculpt
- Very Cool 3.0 large bust body (soft tissue)
- Yellow naval-style cap
- Yellow midriff-baring leather jacket
- Yellow tight leather pants
- White underwear
- Red T-back
- High-heeled leather boots
- Cap badge
- Sunglasses
- Neckband
- Army card
- Wristbands x2
- Elbow pads x2
- Removable backpack
- Leather chest straps
- WeFire armband x2
- Honeycomb for arm guard x2
- Leather belt
- Smoke bomb x2
- Triplex pouch
- Kneepad x2
- Leg guard x2
- Leg hanging holster
- M1911 gun
- M1911 gun clip
- AK47 submachine gun
- AK47 submachine gun clip x2
- Natural hand-shaped gloves (pair)
- Hook shot glove for hand (pair)

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