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Hints for Shopping on Our Site

Come on in and get started! You do not have to log in or create an account to browse or start a shopping cart.

If this is your first visit since our new site launched in March of 2017, you will need to set up a new account and password since security precautions prevented us from transferring passwords from our former website.

Our products are predominantly one-sixth scale action figures and accessories, although we offer other scales, too. Here are some ways to help you find what you are after:

Shop by Category:

  • Use the red menu bar and mouse over the category that interests you to see all the choices of related categories
  • While browsing, use the list of categories in the sidebar to jump to other areas, or go back to the red menu bar again.
  • Once you reach the category display you want, you can sort it by name, brand, newest, oldest, or price to organize your browsing the way you'd like.

Shop by Brand

  • If you are a fan of particular action figure makers, mouse over the "Shop by Brands" selection in the menu bar  and click on the one you want to see.
  • We show the most popular current brands in the main menu. To see all the brands we have ever carried, use the Manufacturer List in the footer "Shop" info.

Use the Search Box to Find Particular Items

It's located in the upper right hand corner.

  • Type in an item code from our catalog, or part of an item code
  • Put in the name of the item or character, for example "boots" or "Batman". Single word searches will produce the most accurate results.

If you can't find an item, especially when searching using the code from our catalog, it probably means it is sold out. We only show items on our site that are in-stock or available to order for the future.

Need other help finding what you're after? Please call or email us if you're not getting the results you were looking for.

Create a Cart to keep track of the items you're thinking about

If you have created an account and logged in, your cart will be saved even if you can't finish right away. When you return log in and any saved carts will be listed on your account page. Select "Continue Order"…or if you want to start over delete the saved order.

Note: Adding items to your cart does not reserve them for you. You must complete checkout to have items subtracted from our inventory. It is possible for items in your cart to sell out before you finish.

Cart quantity can be different than what you enter

If you ask for more of an item than is available, the shopping cart will change what you entered to what is available at the time it is added to the cart. If you save your cart to come back later, that quantity may not be accurate.

Make a Wish List

You can create a wish list for things you aren't buying right now but want to keep track of for later. You will need to create an account to use this feature. Then just use the "Add to Wish List" button in the item's record. This is very handy for PreOrder items you like, but aren't sure about.

Want to Help Others Shop for You?

Create a gift registry for a particular holiday or event (like your birthday!) and set up access for your family and friends. To add items to your registry, select the GIFT REGISTRY button in the item's record. You can view and edit what's in your registry in your account window.

Want to Start Over?

Click on the Cotswold logo on any page to get back to the Home Page, or select "Home" from the white menu bar under the red one.

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