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Ismael (The Phantom Legend) Standard Figure Set
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Ismael (The Phantom Legend) Standard Figure Set

Brand: LIM Toys
Part Number:GILIM-001
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Product Description

LIM Toys jumps into the fray of 1:6 scale action figures based on video game characters with their interpretation of the main character from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The LED light-up night vision goggles are a nice touch, as well as the iconic chicken helmet.


- Realistic head sculpt with eyepatch
- 1:6 scale body
- Biker gloved hands x6
- Biker goggles
- LED light-up night vision goggles
- Walkman player
- Walkman casing
- "N313" cassette
- D-droid
- D-droid holographic
- Pistol
- Suppressor
- Pistol extra module
- Chicken helmet
- Combat knife
- Sheath
- Cigar
- Boots
- Leather jacket
- Beige pants
- Gray T-shirt
- Black belt

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