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'Johann Alber'<br> Wehrmacht 9th Army<br>Seelow Heights, 1945
'Johann Alber'
Wehrmacht 9th Army
Seelow Heights, 1945
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'Johann Alber'
Wehrmacht 9th Army
Seelow Heights, 1945

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The Battle of  Seelow Heights was part of the Seelow-Berlin Offensive Operation (16 April to 2 May, 1945), one of the last assaults on a large entrenched defensive position of WWII. It was fought over three days (16-19 April). Close to one million Soviet soldiers of the 1st Belorussian Front (including more than 78,000 soldiers of the Polish 1st Army) commanded by Marshal Georgi Zhukov, attacked the position known as the "Gates of Berlin." They were opposed by about 110 thousand soldiers of the German 9th Army, commanded by General Theodor Busse, as part of the Army Group Vistula.

This figure set includes the following:

- Head sculpt with body
- M36 wool field gray tunic and trousers
- MP 40
- MP 40 pouches (left and right)
- MP 40 magazine x2
- Bread bag
- Mess tin
- Canteen
- Entrenching tool
- Bayonet with scabbard
- 'Y' harness
- Belt with buckle
- M24 stick grenades x2
- Wooden crate
- Smock (tan water pattern)
- M35 helmet (weathered)
- Binoculars
- Gloves
- Gaiters
- Ankle boots

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