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Johann Meiler: Luftwaffe Anti-Aircraft MG Gunner, Italy 1944
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Johann Meiler: Luftwaffe Anti-Aircraft MG Gunner, Italy 1944

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2009 release.

"Johann Meiler" (Gefreiter) - Luftwaffe Anti-Aircraft MG Gunner II./ Flak-Regiment 5, Italy 1944. 


- M35 Helmet (Metal)
- Luftwaffe Tunic
- LW Tropical Trousers
- German Ankle Boots

- Luftwaffe M31 Bread Bag
- Luftwaffe Y-Harness
- Luftwaffe Belt
- M31 Mess Kit
- M31 Water Bottle

- MG15 Machine Gun
- Anti-Aircraft MG Gun Mount
- MG Accessory Case
- Saddle Drum for MG15
- M24 Stick Grenade
- S84/98 Bayonet w/Scabbard

- Shoulder Tabs
- Collar Tabs

- Men Hands
- NEO 3 Body
- New Character Head
- Clear Stand Mount


Hands - the extremely dexterous hands are updated with a more natural texture

Neck - neck re-engineered with extendable joint for increased range of motion

Shoulders - all-new extendable shoulder joints can be manipulated for a greater degree of movement and more realistic figure poses

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