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Jurchen Jin Dynasty Iron Pagoda (Collector's Edition)
Jurchen Jin Dynasty Iron Pagoda (Collector's Edition)
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Jurchen Jin Dynasty Iron Pagoda (Collector's Edition)

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During the early 12th century, the ambitious Jurchen people from China's north eastern borders overthrew their overlords - the massive Khitan empire. Within under half a decade, the Jurchens were able to utterly defeat their former masters, absorb their entire realm, and drive them wholesale into the frigid steppe lands of central Asia. With these meteoric series of successes, the Jurchens established themselves as a new empire called the "Jin," meaning "gold" or the Golden Empire and turned their attention southward to their Song neighbors. Poised at the spear-point of their conquest was the legendary "Iron Pagoda (or Iron Buddha) Cavalry."


Head *1
Roar head*1(only for collector’s edition)
Male body*1
Fattening clothes*1
Grey tunic*1
Purple Robe*1
Boots*1 pair
Back armor*1
Shoulder Armor*2
Waist Armor*2
Front crotch armor*1
Back crotch armor*1
Leather wrist guard*2
Sword(with scabbard)*1
Guard*1(Only for collector’s edition)
Hawk*1(Only for collector’s edition)
Armor frame*1(Only for collector’s edition)
Weapon frame*1(Only for collector’s edition)

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