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PRHI Solid Arm V3.0 (Right/Yellow)
PRHI Solid Arm V3.0 (Right/Yellow)
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PRHI Solid Arm V3.0 (Right/Yellow)

Brand: Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries
Part Number:GIPR-ARMR03
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Product Description

A clever product from Prometheus Rising Heavy Industries.

The PRHI Solid Arm is a bionic arm add-on kit for your 12" vintage style GI Joe action figures.  It is designed to fit original style GI Joe bodies, including vintage, reissue, and Cotswold Elite Brigade bodies.  It will not fit muscle bodies.  

This particular model is a 3rd evolution of the development process between PRHI and Cotswold Collectibles, with the introduction of a two color arm, and metal rivets for better articulation.

The arm bends at the elbow and wrist and hand can turn 360 degrees.  Hand is also removable and can use a vintage/Cotswold hand (with minor modifications to the wrist peg.  Note that there is no articulation in the robotic hand.  It is printed in a 'pistol grip' configuration.

NOTE: figure and other limbs not included (display only).


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