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Orders for in-stock merchandise usually ship within 24 to 48 hours. We personally review every order before capturing your authorized credit card transaction or sending you a PayPal invoice. Orders submitted from Friday evening through Sunday evening are processed on Mondays and will usually ship by Tuesday.

When will I get it?

Delivery times after leaving our warehouse near Dallas, Texas will usually be 3-5 working days. We will use the email address in your order to send you a notice with a tracking number when your order ships.

What if I need it faster?

The best thing to do is to call our office and make personal arrangements so we can help meet your deadline. Toll Free: 877 404-5637. Hours: 9:00am to 5:00 pm, Central Time

Post Office Express Mail usually takes 2 days from our location to most US addresses. UPS 1-Day and 2-Day service are available, however your order will need to be packed since the size of the carton, not usually the weight, will determine the rate.

If ordering on the website, put your “NEED BY” date in the comments on your order so we can quote the costs and options for expedited delivery. We recommend that you also call us to speed up the process. If we have not heard from you we will email you with a quote.

How Is Shipping calculated?

The simple answer: Based on total Weight, Size, Value and Distance between us and you, plus the level of service.

For U.S. orders there are usually at least two shipping options displayed for your order. Quotes for In-Stock merchandise are accurate in most instances.  Shipping quotes for Pre-Orders are estimates.  In either situation, if the quote is not accurate, we will reduce the amount charged if we can, or let you know if the particular combination of items in your order have fooled our cart’s shipping calculator and an adjustment is needed.

For International Orders a rate via the Post Office is usually quoted. Please consider it an estimate that we will verify once we have packed your order. Very tiny variations in weight can sometimes make quite a large difference in the rate. For order of several pounds or more, we can also quote DHL which offers rates that are lower than the post office for many countries. If you would like a DHL quote for your shipment, please put the request in your order comments.

IMPORTANT WARNING FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Your country  may charge you duty and taxes on arrival. The shipping charge paid to us is for delivery and insurance only. Most countries also impose a postal customs handling fee, plus duty and taxes based on value which you must pay when the package is delivered. An order returned to us for non-payment of fees may incur a postage charge and/or damage which will be deducted from any refund for returned goods.

If you mix Pre-Order and In-Stock items in your cart (not recommended), the shipping quoted will not be accurate. Unless some other arrangements have been made, we will send the in-stock items now, and the Pre-Order items when they are available. Each shipment will have its own delivery charge added. (See ideas below for how to reduce shipping charges).

FREE SHIPPING TERMS: Some items may be designated as 'Free Shipping'. That offer applies only to US addresses. If your order includes both Free Shipping and Regular items that aren't tagged for free shipping, the cart automatically leaves out the weight of the 'Free Sshipping' items when it calculates shipping amounts.

There are times when the particular combination of what you have ordered will cause the final shipping for your order to be difficult for our shopping cart to have calculated correctly. We will contact you if that happens.

Ways to Reduce Shipping Costs

At Cotswold, we always strive to help you find the lowest cost shipping along with the safest method of delivery. Some items that may be very inexpensive in cost, may cause increased shipping charges due to their weight and size. You will usually be able to minimize your overall shipping costs by ordering or sending several items together. Some customers group their orders with a friend’s order and then split the shipping.

When your Pre-Order or Back Order items arrive, we will help by grouping them together if they will arrive within a few days of each other.

By individual arrangement, we also offer a Pay and Hold service to help you group your items for more cost effective shipping. The number of items held and length of hold time are both factors in setting up this kind of plan. We’ll be happy to talk with you about this service. (Note: Unshipped items that are paid, then cancelled, may incur a 25% restocking fee.)

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