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Shu Dynasty Guard<BR>PRE-ORDER: ETA Q4 2019
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Shu Dynasty Guard

Brand: FMX Toys
Part Number:GIFMX-001
Availability: PRE-ORDER: ETA Q4 2019
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Product Description

These troops are rarely known by people, but they used to be the Guards of Liu Bei. It was an important part of the Shu Dynasty and its superior force. As the commander of this troop, Chen Dao was a valiant general and followed Liu Bei all his life. Commanded by Chen Dao, this troop saved Liu Bei in dangerous situations many times, and it guarded the East of the Shu Dynasty, making for great achievements.

Product Includes:

Soldier head sculpture (contains magnetic bun)
Movable body elements
Several replaceable hand models
Front-let/ headband
Black army boots
Metal armor
Leather belt
Diagonal shoulder strap
Sundries bag
Military sleeping bag
Military water bag
Round shield with the beast head
Metal sword with a ring in the hilt

*Specially-made anti-oxidation brass metal plate
*Specially-made anti-brittle oil line
*Specially-made bird and beast pattern
*Metal plate especially distressed

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