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Skipper<BR>(Task Force Spectre)
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(Task Force Spectre)

Brand: Easy & Simple
Part Number:GIES-28001
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I came across the Netflix Original Film Spectral a few weeks ago. A mix between Aliens and Gears of War, it was good popcorn viewing fodder. Easy & Simple Toys must be fans, for their Skipper (Task Force Spectre) is directly based on the Spec Ops teams from the film.


- Realistic head sculpt
- ES-Buddy 1.0 body
- Element runner hoodie
- Cerium SV down jacket
- Arid G3 combat pants
- Detachable kneepads
- Cobra shooter belt
- Cobra duty belt
- Dobby 305D 2-way courier bag
- TACO 7.62mm mag pouch
- Scorpion 5.56mm mag holster
- Scorpion pistol mag holster
- Tactical radio pouch
- Contact med pouch
- Triple 40mm grenade pouch
- MGL-105 grenade launcher
- 40mm HE grenade
- 40mm grenade fast filler
- 40mm special grenade
- 416 .22lr pistol
- T1 red dot sight
- G36 handstop
- WMX 200 tactical light
- .22lr mag
- M320 40mm grenade launcher
- M40GL Grenade Launcher Holographic Sight
- G-19 pistol
- Pistol magazine
- X300 tactical light
- Model 3280 tactical holster
- FAST jumpable helmet
- HD Hero camera with helmet mount
- Contrast Color Speed Cross 3 hiking boots
- Factory pilot gloves in white
- Quitpro PTT & headset system
- PRC-148 radio
- Foretrex 401 GPS
- Blackops WX Saint sunglasses in white
- G-Watch in white
- Patches

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