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The Fantastic Freefall - Decent Into Darkness Set
The Fantastic Freefall - Decent Into Darkness Set
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The Fantastic Freefall - Decent Into Darkness Set

Brand: Hasbro
Part Number:GICON-2015
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2015 GI Joe Convention Exclusive (Springfield IL April 2015) Fantastic Freefall/Decent into Darkness Set includes:

- Two complete Jump Uniforms/Accessories plus Red painted hair figure w/classic hands dressed in:

- White T-shirt Tan
- Pants
- Tall brown Boots
- Brown Shoulder Holster
- Lebel Pistol
- Dog Tag
- Tan cap

Fantastic Freefall Accessories includes:

- Gold Helmet w/visor/mask and Oxygen Hose/plug
- Red Flashlight
- Orange Jumpsuit
- Yellow Mae West
- Blue Parachute Pack
- Red & White Parachute
- Signal Flasher

Decent Into Darkness Accessories includes:

- Black Helmet w/Visor Mask & Oxy Hose w/plug
- Red Flashlight
- Black Jumpsuit
- Black Mae West
- Tall Black Boots
- Black Parachute pack
- Black Parachute
- Signal Flasher

Includes repro style illustrated coffin box and Iluustrated outer box

Added BONUS: Convention attendee Accessory set:

- Original convention program and certificate included

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