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The Guards (Version B)
The Guards (Version B)
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The Guards (Version B)

Brand: DID & 3R
Part Number:GIDID-K80134B
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The Queen's Guard is the name given to the contingent of infantry responsible for guarding Buckingham Palace and St James's Palace (including Clarence House) in London. The guard is made up of a company of soldiers from a single regiment, which is split in two, providing a detachment for Buckingham Palace and a detachment for St James's Palace. Because the Sovereign's official residence is still St James's, the guard commander (called the 'Captain of the Guard') is based there, as are the regiment's colours. When the Sovereign is in residence, the Queen's Guard numbers three officers and 40 other ranks, with four sentries each posted at Buckingham Palace (on the forecourt) and St James's Palace (two in Friary Court, two at the entrance to Clarence House). This reduces to three officers and 31 ORs, with two sentries each when the Sovereign is not in residence. The Queen's Guard is not purely ceremonial in nature. They provide sentries during the day and night, and during the later hours, they patrol the grounds of the Palace. 

With DID's new Queen's Guards Figure Set, you can pick and choose between Coldstream Guards, Irish Guards, Grenadier Guards, Welsh Guards, and Scots Guards Uniform Insignia and uniform-specific accessories!


Version B (Head Sculpt without Stubble)
Open palms
Fist palms
Palms for holding gun
Bearskin with plume x 4
Red tunic
Black trousers
Belt in real leather with buckles x 5
Mag pouch in real leather
Buttons on the front
Collar tabs x 5
Shoulder boards x 5
Cufflinks x 5
Tails of the tunic x 5
Bayonet with sheath and hanger in real leather
L85A2 with cover

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