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The Vet Uniform Set (Version 1)<BR>
The Vet Uniform Set (Version 1)
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The Vet Uniform Set (Version 1)

Brand: Elite Brigade
Part Number:GIECU-C075
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Growing up in the 80s, I was a big fan of the RAMBO movies. With that in mind, we created a "What if G.I. Joe continued on to the 1980s..." series of outfits based on popular movies. Being that Hasbro did this in the 70s with Mike Power: The Atomic Man, we didn t see our idea as far fetched.

The Vet Uniform Set (Version 1) takes its inspiration from FIRST BLOOD (Part 1). Our set includes a M65 jacket, head band, t-shirt, blue jeans, boots, web belt, knife with holster, and M60 machine gun with ammo belt.

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