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Touching Gold Captain (Adventurer) Deluxe Set<br><b>$22 OFF!!</b>
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Touching Gold Captain (Adventurer) Deluxe Set
$22 OFF!!

Brand: POP Toys
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Historically, the designation of Touching Gold Captain is assigned to a soldier who is officially granted license to rob tombs in order to augment their military wages. The practice was supposed to have originated during the Eastern Han Dynasty when the legendary warrior Cao Cao created the rank. This particular Touching Gold Captain is a dead ringer for actor Chen Kun who played such a tomb robber in the 2015 fantasy thriller film Mojin: The Lost Legend (also known as The Ghouls). Consider him a Chinese version of Indiana Jones.

This is the Deluxe Set with the diorama base and additional items; there is also a Basic Set.


- Celebrity head sculpt
- Body
- Hands with fingerless gloves x4
- Leather jacket
- Shirt
- Sea-striped shirt
- Pants
- Leather boots (solid inside)
- Leather backpack
- Dagger and knife pouch
- Compass (retractable)
- Metal torch
- Metal grapnel with long rope
- Amulet
- Candle
- Artifact (metal)
- Key to the disk (metal)
- Luminous platform (with 20 LED lights)

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