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WWII 1938 Battle of Hailar Japanese Patrol (Standard Edition)
WWII 1938 Battle of Hailar Japanese Patrol (Standard Edition)
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WWII 1938 Battle of Hailar Japanese Patrol (Standard Edition)

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The Japanese 23rd Division was almost immediately sent to the northern frontier of Manchukuo, where it replaced a cavalry brigade on garrison duties in Hailar (in what is now part of Inner Mongolia). The 23rd Division was thus the primary Japanese division involved in the Battle of Khalkhin Gol against the Red Army of the Soviet Union from 11 May to September 1939. The 23rd Division has engaged Soviet forces by progressively increasing detachments, first by its reconnaissance regiment (which was promptly lost and reformed) and then by 64th Infantry Regiment, which was also defeated and forced to retreat. A counter-attack 4 July 1939 also failed, bringing an additional losses, including the divisional chief-of-staff. On 4 August 1939, the 23rd Division was subordinated to the 6th Army as the border conflict continued to escalate. The rest of the 23rd Division was nearly annihilated in the encirclement following a Soviet attack on 20 August 1939. The infantry regiments ceased to exist as fighting units by 29 August 1939, as all regimental commanders were killed. In the battle, the 23rd Division suffered a total of 11,958 men killed, about 80 percent of its combat strength. Notably, the only divisional sub-unit not suffering crippling casualties was the reconnaissance regiment, which was able to break out of a Soviet encirclement. General Michitaro Komatsubara was recalled to Japan in disgrace.


- one(1) 1/6 simulation head carving
- one(1) Articulated Figure
- eight(8)Pieces of Interchangeable Palms
- one(1) Sweater
- one(1) Trousers
- one(1) Coat
- one(1) Cotton coat
- one(1) Cornice cap
- one(1) Cotton hat
- one(2) cotton shoes
- two(2) Leggings
- one(1) Belt(dermal)
- one(2) Gloves
- three(3) Cartridge pack(dermal)
- one(1) Bayonet cover(dermal)
- one(1) Kettle(metal)
- one(1) Lunch box(metal)
- one(1) Shovel(metal)
- one(1) Shovel cover
- one(1) Knapsack
- one(1) Curtain *1
- one(1) Flag bag
- one(1) 38 type rifle (metal solid wood)
- five(5) Bullet (metal)
- one(1) flag
- one(1) Grenade (metal)
- three(3) Grenade (metal)
- one(1) Pistol pack
- one(1) 94 pistol (metal)
- one(1) Military (metal)
- one(1) Bayonet(metal)
- two(2) Antitank grenade(metal)
- one(1) Oil pot(metal)
- two(2) hand flag
- one(1) Black figure stand

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