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WWII General Der Fallschirmtruppe - Kurt Arthur Benno Student
WWII General Der Fallschirmtruppe - Kurt Arthur Benno Student
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WWII General Der Fallschirmtruppe - Kurt Arthur Benno Student

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Kurt Arthur Benno Student was a German general in the Luftwaffe during World War II. An early pioneer of airborne forces, Student was in overall command of developing a paratrooper force to be known as the Fallschirmjäger, and as the most senior member of the Fallschirmjäger, commanded it throughout the war. Student led the first major airborne attack in history, the Battle for The Hague in May 1940. He also commanded the Fallschirmjägers in its last major airborne operation, the invasion of Crete in May 1941. The operation was a success despite German losses, and led the Allies to hasten the training and development of their own airborne units.


Super realistic head sculpt
Open palms
Relax palms
Palms for holding pistol
German Luftwaffe Officers visor cap
German Luftwaffe Generals uniform
German Luftwaffe uniform Tuchrock
White shirt with black tie
German Luftwaffe Generals overcoat
Luftwaffe Parade Belt
Belt and cross straps
Black gloves
Gray gloves
Jackboots (genuine leather)
Brown sword hanger in genuine leather
PPK pistol with a clip and holster in genuine leather
Luftwaffe Generals Sword with black scabbard and hanger in genuine leather
Luftwaffe General der Flieger Collar Tabs X 2 pairs
Luftwaffe General Shoulder Boards X 2 pairs
Luftwaffe Generaloberst Collar Tabs X1 pair
Luftwaffe Generaloberst Shoulder Boards X1 pair
Luftwaffe General Breast Eagle X 2
Luftwaffe KRETA cuff title X1
Ribbon bar X 1
Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross X 1
Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge X1
Commemorative Badge of Airmen X1
1914 Iron Cross 1st class X 1
Clasp to the iron cross first class X 1
Wound badge in silver X1

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