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 WWII US Army Uniform Deluxe Set
WWII US Army Uniform Deluxe Set
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WWII US Army Uniform Deluxe Set

Brand: Alert Line
Part Number:GIAL-100027
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Product Includes:

1. US Army M1 Helmet
2. T-shirt
3. HBT Jacket
4. HBT Trousers
5. M41 Jacket
6. Combat Boots
7. Leggings
8. M1936 Cotton Pistol Belt
9. M1936 Webbing Suspenders
10. Ranger Assault Vest
11. M1928 Musette Bag
12. M1942 First Aid Pouch
13. M1941 Canteen set
14. M7 Gas Mask Pouches
15. Toxic Gas Detection Arm Sleeve
16. Folding Shovel
17. Shovel Set
18. M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle
19. M1937 BAR Ammo Belt
20. Magazine Packs x2
21. United States Rifle Caliber .30 M1
22. M1923 Ammo Belt
23. Ammo Belt
24. M7 Grenade Launcher
25. M9A1 Antitank Gun Grenade
26. M1A2 Projection Adapter Grenade
27. Bayonet
28. MARK IIA1 Grenade
29. Rangers Armband. Armband of Rank

NOTE: figure not included (display only).

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