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Waffen SS General Paul Hausser<BR>PRE-ORDER: ETA Dec. 2019
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Waffen SS General Paul Hausser
PRE-ORDER: ETA Dec. 2019

Brand: DID & 3R
Part Number:GIDID-GM642
Availability: PRE-ORDER: ETA Oct. 2019
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Paul Hausser, popularly known as the Papa Hausser, was a former general in the Reichsheer and then a high-ranking commander of Nazi Germany's Schutzstaffel (SS) who played a key role in the post-war efforts by former members of the Waffen-SS to achieve historical and legal rehabilitation.

Hausser served as an officer in the Prussian Army during World War I and attained the rank of general in the inter-war Reichsheer. After retirement, he joined the SS and was instrumental in forming the Waffen-SS. During World War II, he rose to the level of army group commander. He led Waffen-SS troops in the Third Battle of Kharkov, the Battle of Kursk and the Normandy Campaign. Hausser was the highest-ranking officer in the Waffen-SS alongside Sepp Dietrich. Unlike Dietrich, Hausser was a trained staff officer before joining the SS.

After the war he became a founding member and the first spokesperson of HIAG, a lobby group and a revisionist veterans' organisation, founded by former high-ranking Waffen-SS personnel in West Germany in 1951. It campaigned for the restoration of legal and economic rights of the Waffen-SS employing a multi-prong propaganda campaign to achieve its aims.

Hausser wrote two books, published by right-wing imprints, arguing the purely military role of the Waffen-SS and advancing the notion that its troops were "soldiers like any other", according to the title of the second book. Under Hausser's leadership, HIAG reshaped the image of the Waffen-SS as a so-called pan-European force that fought honorably and had no part in war crimes or Nazi atrocities. These ideas have since been discredited by historians.


Super realistic head sculpt
Open palm
Relax palms
Palms for holding pistol
Visor cap
Side cap
M36 Uniform
White shirt
Grey breeches
Belt(with weathering)
Turndown collar overcoat
Overcoat with furred collar
Grey gloves
Monocular blindfold
Jackboots(genuine leather)
Foldable clipboard with map
Pistol with a clip and weathered holster (genuine leather)
SS-Obergruppenfuhrer shoulder board x 2 pairs
SS-Obergruppenfuhrer collar tab x 1 pair
Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords x1
Clasp to the iron cross x 2
Iron cross 1st class
Ribbon bar
German arm badge x 2
Sleeve Eagle x 2
Wound badge in silver x1
Golden party badge of the NSDAP x1

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