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American Green Beret, Action Soldier Set<BR>(Wave 2 Release)
American Green Beret, Action Soldier Set
(Wave 2 Release)
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American Green Beret, Action Soldier Set
(Wave 2 Release)

Brand: Hasbro
Part Number:GIAM40-GB
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Product Description

From 2006

Based on the 60's era US and Action Man set, with the addition of the Silver Star medal that was not in the US version.

FIGURE: Painted black hair, blue eyes, hard hands, in green fatigues (2 breast pockets with buttons, 2 buttons on jacket front, 2 rear pockets on trousers), green plastic fatigue cap, tall brown boots, metal Action Man dog tag, army manual and color equipment manual.

WINDOW BOX CONTENTS: Green beret uniform, camouflage neck scarf, Silver Star medal, green plastic beret with flash, tall black boots, green web belt, .45 and holster, camou radio with headset, M16 rifle, 6 grenades.

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