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Artorius Lucius Castus - Centurion
Artorius Lucius Castus - Centurion
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Artorius Lucius Castus - Centurion

Brand: Kaustic Plastik
Part Number:GIKP-0005
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PLEASE NOTE: This is a museum-quality miniature figure set. Please handle and assemble with ultimate caution, like you would any detailed model kit. 

Artorius Lucius Castus - Centurion - Legio II Adiutrix - Circa 178-179 A.D. - Marcomannic Wars - Leugaricio - Slovakia

Set Highlights:

- New headsculpt
- Helm Imperial Italic Type D with Magnetic Plug (Die Cast)
- 2 Different Face Protections
- Sword - Gladio (Die Cast)
- Dagger - Pugio (Die Cast)
- Chain Armour - Lorica Hamata
- Phalerae Harness (Leather)
- Military Decorations - Dona (Die Cast)
- Military Decorations - Torques (Die Cast)
- Pteruges - Leather vest (Leather)
- Ocrae - Leg armour (Die Cast)
- Vitis - Command Staff
- Red Cape
- Closed Boots - Calcei (Leather)
- Trousers - Bracae (Cloth)
- Red Tunic (Cloth)
- Red Scarf - Focale (Cloth)
- Armored Belt - Cingulum Militare (Leather + Details in Brass)

ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: This is an incredibly detailed set with many fine and delicate metal parts. The figure arrives dressed, but without his armaments fully assembled or attached. Face shields (2 options) attach by magnets. Other items (like the medallions onto the leather vest) will need to be added using supplied special tape or glue. Moderate modelling skill and cautious assembly will produce a spectacular display figure!

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