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Attack of the Anaconda Figure Set
Attack of the Anaconda Figure Set
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Attack of the Anaconda Figure Set

Brand: Elite Brigade
Part Number:GIEDF-C067
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A hostile Green Anaconda is terrorizing the locals of a small village off the Orinoco River! After being swept in by the seasonal floods, it’s now claimed the village’s access to the river all to itself. A Jungle Explorer of the Elite Brigade responds with haste. Equipped for the journey through the marshy, jungle terrain and armed with a sturdy snare, his mission is to capture and relocate the aggressive reptile. Unbeknownst to him, the snake quietly lurks in the murky shallows of the river, waiting for its moment to strike!

This figure set includes:

- Elite Brigade Body w/Fuzzy Head Sculpt
- Amoeba Camo Shirt
- Cargo Shorts
- Australian Bush Hat
- Web Belt
- Green Socks
- Short Black Boots
- Revolver w/Holster
- Knife w/Scabbard
- Canteen w/Cover
- Snare
- Survival Pouches
- Anaconda

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