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Avici Buddha Diorama Base
Avici Buddha Diorama Base
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Avici Buddha Diorama Base

Brand: COO Models
Part Number:GICOO-NS008
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In Buddhism, Avici or Avici is the lowest level of the Naraka or "hell" realm, with the most suffering, into which the dead who have committed grave misdeeds may be reborn. It is said to be a cube 20,000 yojanas (240,000 to 300,000 kilometers) to a side, buried deep underneath the divine (nonvisible) earth. Avici is often translated into English as "interminable" or "incessant", referring to suffering without periods of respite, although it is believed to be ultimately impermanent.

The 1/6th scale Avici Buddha Diorama Base Specially Features:

– One (1) abandoned gold Buddha head
– One (1) bendable figure stand

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