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Cosmic Force: Commander Cook Fuzzy Head Sculpt
Cosmic Force: Commander Cook Fuzzy Head Sculpt
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Cosmic Force: Commander Cook Fuzzy Head Sculpt

Brand: Elite Brigade
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Commander Cook is a human soldier who was abducted by the YOGZ and trained as an Elite Assault Trooper to battle all enemies of the YOGZ. He, with the help of N7, rebelled and escaped the YOGZ with many other Assault Troopers. He is now the leader of the Star Troopers - a motley crew of mercenary pirates trying to survive in the galaxy. Cook is well known for being able to defy the odds and come out alive.

At the battle of Elon, Cook saw an opportunity for freedom from the YOGZ when N7 removed Cook's control collar. N7 did this because even though Cook was the enemy, he saw Cook as a chance to be free of Darkon's control. 
Cook's  hair color change is the result of Injection-32, a DNA enhancement that can heal wounds over time and increase stamina and strength in bursts when needed. His  loyalties are to the people of earth and the men and women under his command. He uses blasters, laser, and pulse weapons mostly, but when the chips are down he pulls out a  44 magnum, a Colt peace maker, a bowie knife, a shot gun or a pair of brass knuckles, which have saved him more times than he can count.

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