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Cosmic Force: Milon Fuzzy Head Sculpt
Cosmic Force: Milon Fuzzy Head Sculpt
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Cosmic Force: Milon Fuzzy Head Sculpt

Brand: Elite Brigade
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Milon- the Renn

The Renn are from the Galactic core. They once battled "The Old Ones". Renn are the enemy of every being in the Universe. The "old ones" claimed that the Renn are from an entirely different Universe that collapsed in on itself eons ago.

Milon is also member of The Fang, a secret Renn society that practice mental abilities something like the Dark Side. No other Renn dare mention The Fang above a whisper.

Members of The Fang are highly trained in hand to hand combat and have a bomb implanted in their body to be used as a last resort.

NOTE: heat neck of head sculpt with hair dryer for one minute to make it soft so as to get a proper fit onto the neck post (this also prevents the flocking from coming off).

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