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Darkon Limited Edition Figure Box Set
Darkon Limited Edition Figure Box Set
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Darkon Limited Edition Figure Box Set

Brand: Elite Brigade
Part Number:GIEBOX-SET06
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At the recent break in at a Huxter Enterprises research and development lab, spies stole the plans for the experimental X-27GB Laser Cannon. With reports of strange lumbering creatures with heavily plated skin rampaging through several planets, the Cosmic Explorers wanted a defensive weapon that could neutralize the beasts.  The Huxter engineers believed this laser could penetrate almost any matter, organic or man-made.

Unbeknownst to the Cosmic Explorers was that agents of Darkon, their mysterious half alien /half human adversary, had stolen the plans.  His spies inside Huxter Enterprises had arranged the break-in.   With plans in hand, Darkon constructed a working version of the energy blaster laser, incorporating his own evil alterations to ensure its green laser would achieve maximum damage when fired.

Armed with the laser cannon, Darkon and Gor, his reptilian accomplice, plan to launch a surprise attack on the crystal mines of Yarsec before the valuable harvest of Solarium Crystals can be shipped.

Will Darkon and Gor’s surprise attack be successful?  Can the Cosmic Explorers stop them and recover the X-27GB Laser Cannon?  You determine the outcome with your Darkon and Gor set!


Set Includes:

- Darkon Figure
- Black Mask
- Black Chest Armor with Functioning Light*
- Black Boots
- Green and Black Bodysuit
- Lightning Sword
- Gor "Pet"
- Energy Blaster with Functional Light**
- Energy Blaster Tripod
- Energy Blaster Handheld Unit
- Vintage Style Box with Custom Artwork
- Adventure Story Card and Laser Cannon Blueprints

Set made with the cooperation of Huxter Labs, Grungatoys, Lucky Shot Leather, Flock Concepts, and Mattsquatch Customs.

* - Battery Included 
** - Batteries Not Included (Requires 3 AAA Batteries)

NOTE: Limit 1 set per customer!

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