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Eleanor's Girls: Rosie the Riveter
Eleanor's Girls: Rosie the Riveter
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Eleanor's Girls: Rosie the Riveter

Brand: Valor
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One of the most recognized icons of WWII is Rosie the Riveter. This nickname was given to all women who went to work in heavy industry to support the war effort. During WWII women from all walks of life worked on aircraft assembly lines, in munitions plants and in shipyards to create the weapons of war.

Traditionally men had always held these positions and it was widely presumed they were too difficult for women to handle. The enormous number of troops being deployed to the European and Pacific theaters created an undeniable need for women to step into these roles. The opportunity for women to prove themselves in the workforce was met and the results were nothing short of total victory for both the war effort and women's new-found capabilities.

Rosie comes with coveralls, headscarf, saddle shoes, and welder's gloves. This Tribute to Valor Eleanor's Girl honors the unforgotten efforts of women who worked many long and difficult hours to supply our troops with the best possible ships, aircraft and weapons for a victorious journey home.

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