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Emerald Tree Boa
Emerald Tree Boa
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Emerald Tree Boa

Brand: Safari Limited
Part Number:GISL-101084
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Found in the South American rainforests, the Emerald Tree Boa is appropriately named, with its vibrant green coloration. Though nonvenomous, it is known for its large front teeth, pwhich are larger in proportion to its body than any other nonvenomous species of snake. 

Scientific Name: Corallus caninus

Characteristics: This Emerald Tree Boa toy snake figure features the striking coloration the snake is known for, with its green upper body, yellow underbelly, and white markings along its length. It is expertly sculpted to be highly detailed and scientifically accurate, but don't worry - though it may look real, this snake won't bite!

Size: In its sculpted serpentine posture, this snake figure measures  7 1/4 inches wide and nearly 5 inches from front to back. Smaller than the real thing but no less detailed, kids and collectors can get up close with this scaly serpent without worrying about being chomped!

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