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Evil Eyes Tiki Statue
Evil Eyes Tiki Statue
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Evil Eyes Tiki Statue

Brand: Penn Plax
Part Number:GIPP-RR1208W
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Made of resin. Perfect for dioramas.

Dimensions: 3.7-inches tall 

A  tiki is a large or small wooden or stone carving in humanoid form, although this is a somewhat archaic usage in the Maori language. Carvings similar to tikis and coming to represent deified ancestors are found in most Polynesian cultures. They often serve to mark the boundaries of sacred or significant sites.

I saw this piece and immediately thought of the Adventure Teams SECRET OF THE MUMMY'S TOMB and SEARCH FOR THE STOLEN IDOL (and a little bit of Brady Bunch mixed in with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) in that the "evil eyes" look a lot like the AT jewels.  Who knows...

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